Thursday, July 21, 2011


 Alright so it's been a week since I decided to go Vegan and I admit...I haven't been doing so good :/ I admit I've eaten some things I'm not supposed to but Cut me some slack! It's not easy, AT ALL!!! But I'm determined to follow through with it. So far, I guess I could be doing a little better. I decided that one day each month I'll give myself a break and eat what I'm not supposed to. Just until I get used to my new lifestyle....Which should be a while. I knew this was going to be a hard thing to do but I didn't think it would be this hard. It's very hard when people offer you food and you have to say no, even though you really want to say yes. Most of the people who know about my new "diet" think I'm absolutely crazy. But it's my decision, but.........I AM crazy haha Just kidding ;)  I hope I can get used to this soon but then again, I know it's going to take some time. Well that's all for now... I'll keep you guys posted.!.

*Stay Gold*

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Things you should know about me.

Okay so Hey there! These are just a few things you should know about me...... since your reading my blog :3
1. My name is Sussel :3
2. My favorite color is Purple, but i love all colors
3. My biggest pet peeve is Stereotyping
4. I'm Trying to be Vegan, but its REALLY hard.
5. I hate when people bash on other people.
6.My favorite number is 4
7. I LOVE music!!♥
8. I love Christofer Drew♥
9. I hate being told what to do
10.I wish I knew how to longboard
11. I hate when people make a big deal about being in a relationship
12. I hate guys or girls who are jerks
13. I hate people with big egos
14. I hate when people say "Oh im so fat or ugly"..etc, so that people can tell them otherwise.
15. I hate bugs, but love animals.
16. I like when people are nice :3
17. I like emo haircuts, their cool X)
18. I want to be famous
19. I want to go around the world
20.I wish wishes actually came true :3
Hahaha well that's all for now!!
*Stay Gold*

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


       Well a couple of days ago I decided to go Vegan. Why? I dont know. I mean, going vegan isn't going to save the animals, they use animals to make plastics, medicines, glass, basically everything we use (or about everything) is made out of animals. Going Vegan isn't going to be such a problem for me. I mean, I already don't eat meat so that'll be easy. The problem is though, that I absoluetly LOVE cheese!! My favorite food has cheese (pizza)! Ok, so mostly everything I eat has cheese in it. But I honestly have no problem in changing that, I mean yes it's going to be a real pain in the butt to pick out specific foods without any animal products in it but, I'm willing to take that risk. Besides, if I stop eating cheese It'll even improve my health....Since cheese makes my skin flare up and milk makes me sick. Going Vegan is my decision and my parents are willing to support my decision as long as I still eat and get the vitamins and other things I need. I don't want people to judge me because of my decision. Like I said it's MY decision, nobody convinced me to do this, I decided this on my own. Don't worry I'll be okay, I'll go to the doctor  and watch my health. I've been okay so far, it's been two days and suprisingly I've had more energy and been less hungry. Though I really crave chocolate, I'm sticking to dark chocolate, Not as good but, It'll do. Okay that's all for now, I'll keep you guys posted. *Stay Gold*

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Going Vegan

        Most pollution doesn't come from cars, planes, trucks, Nope!! They come from factories where they slaughter defenseless animals for human needs. Yes, it is HORRIBLE! That's why I'm Going Vegan. I'm trying to go Vegan to change my lifestyle, be healthy, but most important of all, to save animals!!! If you feel bad for these poor creature you can go Vegan too. No more hamburgers, pizza, tacos.Yes, it does sound sad but hey! WE'RE SAVING ANIMALS!!!! If you just can't quit your carnivore-y lifestyle then just quit for ONE month. That's all I'm asking for, ONE month!! Please Help The Animals!! Remember ONE Month!!!

*Stay Gold*

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A bit of my Photography

          This is just a bit of the Photography I've taken this summer. This was at a park in the Rocky Mountains, I'm not sure what park in specific but I know it's a park haha. Well I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A new start.

     Only one month and a half until high school starts. Wow, time goes by fast. I'm going to try and make the best out of high school. I've never really been a school person. I mean, I love school and everything but I've always been too embarrassed to be in any clubs or sports teams. Hopefully this year will be different, I mean, I feel different. I have different friends since my old school closed down last year. But I luckily adapted quickly.
       This year, I'm planning on trying out for more sports, and plays or musicals. I don't know, I guess what I really want is to be more active in school.....and get good grades, not that I had bad grades before. Next year, I plan to not get in any drama, as I usually get in it, without even trying to. I also hope to not be judgemental and accept the fact that everyone has their own opinion and I can't hold that against them or judge them because of it.
         Well, that's all about high school for now. Let's hope it'll be...... A new start. :)
     *Stay Gold*

The horrors of "Friday"

 Alright, as you may already know Friday by Rebecca Black is one of the most horrifying videos of all time. But do you know why? Let me explain.... OK so first of all, the auto tone in this video makes her voice sound all robotic and definitely not normal. If you want to make a song that everyone likes why don't you sing with your REAL voice, unless your real voice actually sounds like that then.....I'm sorry. Second of all, the lyrics are well, not very interesting. "We so excited" This song needs some major changes. I'm not trying to be so criticizing, all I'm trying to do is give fellow Youtubers some advice for the next time they upload their next video. Well, I guess that's all I find strange and horrific in this video, well besides the fact that this song makes no sense to me at all :] Alright well that's all for now folks;) Add, Share, Comment.
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Monday, June 27, 2011


        One of the worst (in my opinion) things you could do to someone is stereotype them. I hate labeling people. I just don't see why people have to be so judgemental. I'm not writing this to start problems with anybody, I'm just stating my opinion, and in my opinion stereotyping is a "NO, NO!!"  I don't like when people say "emo, goth, preps, jocks,etc". I just like seeing people for people, if you know what I mean? I just honestly don't know how to explain it but stereotyping drives me crazy!!!! I don't like judging people unless I truly know them, well honestly, I don't like judging people at all. But I am guilty of saying a few things once in a while, which by the way I feel terrible ashamed for. I just think that maybe instead you should label people for who they actually are, which is their name. If you know what I mean.:) Example: if someones name was Jane you can call them Jane and label them as Jane :) *Stay Gold*

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Drama, Drama, Drama!!

       Happens everywhere, but especially in school. We've all been through it. The occasional misunderstandings, rumors, fights. There's no was of ending drama completely. I mean admit it, your not always going to get along with EVERYONE. That's okay  too because, you DONT need to get along with EVERYONE. I think the best overall way to avoid drama is to keep your mouth shut!! As mean as it may sound, keeping your mouth shut and not getting into other people's bussiness is probably the only way you can try to avoid drama. Try to avoid heated arguments and understand that everyones entitled to their OWN opinion! This won't always work but hey, you might as well try. And it'll make you less of a tool. (not that you were one before:) Hope this semi-helps!!:)

*Stay Gold*

Summer Bummer

"The summer is a bummer if you can't leave this pathetic excuse for a town"- NeverShoutNever
This song seriously describes my summer. So far,  I've done nothing but take pictures and babysitt while the rest of my friends are on vacations. But me on the other hand, get to stay here in Greeley. Yayyyy,NO. Theres not much to do in Greeley. I mean, theres the Stampede but unless your rich, you can only go once or twice. There's also the Fun Plex and art galleries downtown but I much rather be on a cruise to the Bahamas or swimming with the dolphins in Mexico than being stuck here. I guess I can TRY to make the best out of this summer, but next year I'm going to find a job or something to keep be occupied. :) *Stay Gold*