Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer Bummer

"The summer is a bummer if you can't leave this pathetic excuse for a town"- NeverShoutNever
This song seriously describes my summer. So far,  I've done nothing but take pictures and babysitt while the rest of my friends are on vacations. But me on the other hand, get to stay here in Greeley. Yayyyy,NO. Theres not much to do in Greeley. I mean, theres the Stampede but unless your rich, you can only go once or twice. There's also the Fun Plex and art galleries downtown but I much rather be on a cruise to the Bahamas or swimming with the dolphins in Mexico than being stuck here. I guess I can TRY to make the best out of this summer, but next year I'm going to find a job or something to keep be occupied. :) *Stay Gold*


  1. Haha- welcome to my life as well. Staying in Greeley, or as one of my friends recently called it, "Greality." :/