Saturday, June 7, 2014

Summer '14

I realize that the last time I wrote I went off on a rant. Honestly, things have gotten a bit better since then. Not only am I volunteering at the hospital, but I am also (hopefully) getting a job at a nursing home. The last couple weeks of school were tough, I mean, you get so accustomed to the same routine with the same people, that when things change it almost hurts for you to let go. I had a pretty hard time getting used to all the changes that have happened in my life but I learned to accept the things I couldn't change. A friend of mine had been very insistent on my joining of the youth group she attended at our church. At first I was a bit pessimistic. My parents raised me catholic but as a grew older, I grew further and further away from any sort of religious group. Out of pity, I accepted her offer and it was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only has youth group helped me regain my faith, but it has also helped me reconnect with myself. As of now, I am not completely happy with the way my life is going but I am not ungrateful. Sure, I am having a bit of heart ache right now, but I know that it will soon fade. Summer 2014 will be one that I will remember. (Yes, my post was random and all over the place)