Saturday, March 22, 2014

High School

God, it feels like it's the first miserable day of high school again. Same people, same stench, same stupid assignments that no one wants to do. Growing up I always imagined that high school would be glorious, amazing, life changing; but instead it's been nothing but late nights crying over classes I'm probably going to fail. I don't like high school, I simply do not enjoy it. I love learning new things and being around nice people, but in high school  you're surrounded by low self-esteemed egotistical people who would rather be out smoking than actually getting somewhere in life. High school is a giant competition. All that teachers care about are grades. That's all they give a damn about, and honestly, it's absolutely ridiculous. I can't stand the fact that I haven't learned shit. It drives me crazy that I sit at home ripping my hair out of my skull and bawling my eyes out over an assignment that I will never need to use in the real life. I'm sick of teachers teaching useless concepts. I'm sick of dealing with a bunch of people who only care about themselves. I can't stand school anymore. I feel like I'm trapped, and even though I'm in my Junior year of high school, I wish that I would've decided to graduate early.