Saturday, June 25, 2011

Drama, Drama, Drama!!

       Happens everywhere, but especially in school. We've all been through it. The occasional misunderstandings, rumors, fights. There's no was of ending drama completely. I mean admit it, your not always going to get along with EVERYONE. That's okay  too because, you DONT need to get along with EVERYONE. I think the best overall way to avoid drama is to keep your mouth shut!! As mean as it may sound, keeping your mouth shut and not getting into other people's bussiness is probably the only way you can try to avoid drama. Try to avoid heated arguments and understand that everyones entitled to their OWN opinion! This won't always work but hey, you might as well try. And it'll make you less of a tool. (not that you were one before:) Hope this semi-helps!!:)

*Stay Gold*


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