Saturday, July 9, 2011

Going Vegan

        Most pollution doesn't come from cars, planes, trucks, Nope!! They come from factories where they slaughter defenseless animals for human needs. Yes, it is HORRIBLE! That's why I'm Going Vegan. I'm trying to go Vegan to change my lifestyle, be healthy, but most important of all, to save animals!!! If you feel bad for these poor creature you can go Vegan too. No more hamburgers, pizza, tacos.Yes, it does sound sad but hey! WE'RE SAVING ANIMALS!!!! If you just can't quit your carnivore-y lifestyle then just quit for ONE month. That's all I'm asking for, ONE month!! Please Help The Animals!! Remember ONE Month!!!

*Stay Gold*


  1. Going Vegan won't really help "save animals". Livestock are still going to be butchered in slaughterhouses at the same rate. Just one person going Vegan won't save any livestock. There are still going to be millions and millions of people who buy meat from slaughterhouses all over the country. The industry won't just quit because one person decides to give it up entirely.

    You can go Vegan for the purpose of being healthy and whatnot, but you aren't saving animals by doing so.

  2. Ok Anonymous? I understand that, I just posted something new and it explains everything, It's my choice to go Vegan for health reasons and well I was vegetarian before so I tought I'd just go vegan. Add. Follow. Comment. *Stay Gold*