Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The horrors of "Friday"

 Alright, as you may already know Friday by Rebecca Black is one of the most horrifying videos of all time. But do you know why? Let me explain.... OK so first of all, the auto tone in this video makes her voice sound all robotic and definitely not normal. If you want to make a song that everyone likes why don't you sing with your REAL voice, unless your real voice actually sounds like that then.....I'm sorry. Second of all, the lyrics are well, not very interesting. "We so excited" This song needs some major changes. I'm not trying to be so criticizing, all I'm trying to do is give fellow Youtubers some advice for the next time they upload their next video. Well, I guess that's all I find strange and horrific in this video, well besides the fact that this song makes no sense to me at all :] Alright well that's all for now folks;) Add, Share, Comment.
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